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About us

Zapy: Simplifying Python API Testing

The concept of Zapy originated from a common challenge in API testing: the repetitive nature of manually testing APIs and then having to re-implement the same tests in code. Existing tools in the market didn't provide the flexibility to insert specific steps or checks between API requests, which is crucial for thorough testing.

Additionally, there was a noticeable gap in the availability of tools that supported chaining multiple API requests with integrated failover mechanisms. This feature is vital for ensuring robustness in API interactions, especially in complex systems where the response of one request influences the next.

Furthermore, the API testing tool landscape was predominantly occupied by tools designed for JavaScript, leaving a noticeable void for Python developers. Despite Python being a widely-used programming language, especially in automation, web development, data science and machine learning, it lacked low code tools for efficient API testing.

Zapy aims to address these gaps by offering a Python-based solution that simplifies the process, enabling users to easily chain requests, incorporate custom steps, and handle failovers effectively, all within a more streamlined and automated testing workflow. This approach not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and reliability of API testing.

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