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General questions

Does it have a desktop version?

Not for now, it is currently only available as VSCode extension.

What emails are allowed for free use?

It is determined by the domain name of the email. @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @outlook.com, @hotmail.com, @icloud.com and educational email domains which follow the pattern ".edu.*".

What licenses it has?

The Zapy SDK (the python library) is under BSL 1.1 and End User Subscription Agreement. The Zapy REST Client (VSCode extension) is under End User Subscription Agreement.

Does it requires internet connection?

The Zapy REST Client may ask you at any time for internet connection. In that case, you must have Internet Access in order to continue using the Software.

Can I expose the server?

It is not recommended. The server should not be exposed for security reasons. It should run only on localhost ( to not receive any external request.

Does it have intellisense?

The Python SDK provides intellisense when being used on a Python file. About the Scripting of Zapy REST client, it does not. It is because currently there is no easy way to integrate Monaco text editor with a VSCode webview. See the discussion.

Does it autosave?

It is possible to use an external VSCode extension or capability such as AutoSaveExt VSCode Extension in order to enable autosave only to zapy files.